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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Letters to Editor

  • Special thanks to Campus Blue Bird

    On behalf of a Lafourche Parish cancer survivor, who attended the Mary Bird Perkins Campus Blue Bird in October. We would like to wish a thank you to everyone involved. We want to thank all the volunteers for their time and great food provided.

  • Raffle garners more than $50,000 for hospital

    On October 30, the raffle to benefit Children’s Hospital ended and the winners were drawn. The first place winner of the mud boat was Kenny McWilliams. Second place winner Brock Bourg won a pirogue and third place winner Carl Chauvin won a 12-gauge shotgun.More than $50,000 was raised from the raffle.This substantial amount of money will be earmarked for the new cardiovascular center at Children’s Hospital in New Orleans.I would like to thank everyone who pitched in with building and...

  • Insurance proposal needs explaining

    This letter is to clarify the insurance proposal for employees that has been a primary topic of discussion before the Lafourche Parish Council.The proposal I submitted, and which was rejected by the Council, retains all the same benefits as the current policy. In fact, it has even more benefits in that co-pays, deductibles and prescription drug coverage count towards an individual’s out of pocket max.Employees will receive the same plan with additional benefits all for a small increase in ...

  • Lee family appreciates support

    The family of T-Vic Lee would like to thank everyone in the community who came out to help and support us in our benefit fundraiser. We greatly appreciate all the love and support we got from everyone. We’d especially like to thank each and everyone who gave their time and donations.

  • Woman appreciates Lafourche’s support of flood victims

    I would like to thank Parish President Jimmy Cantrelle, his family, friends, and the merchants of Lafourche Parish and Leeville, for their unwavering commitment and support, to the flood victims. I have personally seen the goodwill from all of them, during this epic and tragic event.Until you see the devastation personally, you cannot fathom the great need. God Bless each and every one of you, for your efforts and gifts.

  • President Obama is wasting America's energy windfall

    Oil imports could soon be a thing of the past.That's the main takeaway from a new report from Nordic consulting firm Rystad. Researchers estimated the total recoverable oil reserves still buried under American soil. The final figure is astonishing: 264 billion barrels -- more than any other nation in the world.Unlocking these reserves would generate tremendous benefits for the economy and move America towards full energy independence.

  • Woman wants others to know about insurance, Medicare issues

    Recently I called Blue Cross and Blue Shield to let them know I went on Medicare. I was told since I had medical insurance through the Marketplace, they had to cancel my insurance. I called them only to be told since I was on an individual plan it couldn’t be cancelled on September 1, that I had to wait until September 17 to have my insurance cancelled. Also that even though it will mean I have double coverage I am responsible to pay for both insurance (they could have cancelled on Se...

  • Local woman urges others to volunteer for Relay for Life

    I am a volunteer for The American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life events in Lafourche Parish. I am proud to not only raise money, but also to donate my time and money to Saving Lives, Preventing Cancer, and Finding Cures. It’s something that’s bigger than all of us.In 2016, a combined total of $318,973.72 was raised in Lafourche Parish.

  • Thibodaux man wants to see fewer gators

    There are too many gators! They are killing all animals in the habitat.Also, gator farms must release 17 percent of their new gators when they are three feet long. That regulation should be eliminated.

  • So grateful for the organization that gives so much to our community

    Recently my two grandchildren were fortunate to participate in a very worthy program through Les Reflections du Bayou. The people in this organization are made up of volunteers that give to our community so unselfishly with sweat, tears and lots of love, from beautifying our beloved bayou by the bridges, and helping areas in the parks, but most of all “Braxton’s Gift of Life”. What a beautiful program!A very big thanks to all the wonderful workers (volunteers) of Mrs.

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