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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Letters to Editor

  • My pets are spayed and neutered … are yours?

    In a three-week span, myself together with those who have the same admiration for animals, have recovered more than two dozen abandoned, parasite-infested, ailing, infant kittens and pregnant female cats.With breeding season at a peak right now those numbers continue to ascend for us almost daily (one female cat and her offspring can produce 370,000 kittens in seven years).Our shelters are full, our rescues are over-loaded, and too many faultless animals are suffering. Although I strongly feel t...

  • Louisiana needs jobs, not more taxes and lawsuits

    Today Louisianans are facing a risk that threatens our economy and perhaps even our way of life: more job-killing taxes and lawsuits.As Louisiana lawmakers count down to the end of the 2017 Regular Legislative Session, Governor John Bel Edwards is still pushing for a variety of tax measures that will likely make it more difficult for businesses and employers to survive in our state.From the proposed tax on every product or service that is bought or sold in Louisiana, to new employer mandates tha...

  • Woman upset over bus incidents

    I’m writing to let parents know not to be bullied by the school board system. There’s a rule that a child can’t walk pass ½ mile, the school bus has to bring your child home.We live 3 miles from the highway. My child was 10-years old when the bus drivers refused to bring her home.

  • The not-so-silent partner

    By Renee AmarGuest ColumnistSunday, April 30th kicked off National Small Business Week. This is a week for us to celebrate our job creators and innovators. This is a week when we honor the nation’s and our state’s entrepreneurs and small business owners.While this week is all about providing small businesses with the recognition they have rightfully earned for all of their hard work to make Louisiana’s economy stronger, the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry (LABI) ...

  • Why I do what I do

    In 1985 the fire district was hiring four fulltime dispatchers to start their own dispatching service for their 8 volunteer fire departments.Having no prior training, I applied and was hired for one of the positions. Thirty-one years later with too many training hours and experience to list, I am still here.People ask me why I chose dispatching as a career. The truth is Dispatching chose me.

  • Resident voices concerns over CPRA’s elimination of Gheens community in Master Plan

    It has come to my attention, by way of the 2017 Draft Coastal Master Plan put forth by the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority, that the Structural Risk Reduction Levee will include and protect almost all of the cities, towns, and communities in the Parishes of Terrebonne, Lafourche and St. Charles.However, the plan leaves out the community of Gheens, the LaTour Country Club and areas surrounding LaTour.The proposed plan, as drawn up, “funnels” any storm surge directly into ...

  • Overregulation is costing us jobs

    Six years ago, President Obama signed the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act into law with the lofty goal of preventing food contamination instead of simply responding to it.The idea behind the act makes complete sense. We all want the food that our families eat to be safe.The devil, though, is always in the details, and the Food Safety Modernization Act is devilishly detailed.Grocers who are trying to stock shelves, sell groceries, manage personnel and balance their books must follow the act'...

  • CCC appreciates support

    The Catholic Community Center would like thank all those in our community who graciously helped in the recent food drives. Whether it was caring individuals who stepped up, people giving from their slight excess, some sharing from their own basic needs, or the businesses who volunteered to help us, we would not have been able to meet the tremendous desperation within our community for food and clothing without you.We are deeply grateful to all.The CCC’s thrift store continues to have cloth...

  • Local group voices opinion on LPSB decisions

    A group of parents was recently made aware that regular calculus, physics, and chemistry II classes would no longer be offered to students at their high school campuses in Lafourche, but offered only at the AP level at the Career Magnet Center (CMC) in Lockport. As concerned citizens and advocates for our children, we organized our effort and met with the LPSB superintendent to address our concerns.Among these were issues of safety, logistics, liability and cost effectiveness, choice and discrim...

  • Holiday Blessings

    Recently a small group of Gheens residents formed the Gheens Needy Family Foundation. The purpose of the organization is to assist underprivileged families in our Gheens community.The organization decided on hosting plate lunches every three months and dividing the profits(s) to families in Gheens. On November 6, 2016 we hosted our first dinner.

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