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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Letters to Editor

  • Thank you to those who helped

    I would like to again offer my deepest gratitude to those who stepped up and contributed to our annual Easter basket giveaway.To all my friends who continually, year after year, offer to give to those less fortunate. You have my deepest gratitude.We were able to make 342 Easter baskets to give to those in our community.Again, thank you.BroLockport, LA

  • Huge thanks to our local fire department

    On January 22nd, our mother, Felicia Layus, had a very bad fall at home resulting in multiple injuries. Because she had Alzheimer’s, she could not tell us where she was hurting.She was hospitalized for two weeks and in severe pain the entire time. On February 9th, she was sent to my house in Cut Off where Hospice took over her care.When the ambulance arrived the driver said he would need help.

  • Letter to the Editor: Lawsuits are not the answer

    Since 2014, several parishes have filed lawsuits in an attempt to make energy manufacturers pay for rebuilding Louisiana’s coast. These lawsuits are mostly being driven by plaintiff’s law firms that have built reputations for suing our state’s oil and gas companies.Restoring our coast and protecting our wetlands is an important mission, but these lawsuits are not the answer. The reality is that there are many parties that contribute to coastal and wetlands degradation in our st...

  • Criminal Justice Reform can work

    Critics of our criminal justice reform are consistently misleading the public, trying to make it look like we released a crime wave on the streets of Louisiana’s cities. It just isn’t so.One writer said we are putting the public at risk by granting early releases. That’s just fear mongering.Under no circumstances would I risk the safety of the community where I live with my family and where my children are now raising my grandchildren.Besides, most of these people were released...

  • Catholic Community Center expresses thanks

    The Catholic Community Center would like to express our deepest thanks to Visions Communications, Franks Supermarkets, The Larose Civic Center and The Lafourche Gazette.To all those who gave of their time and all of the donors of food for those in need during the holiday collection drive, we want each of you to know how much we appreciated your donation for those in need.It is such a wonderful reflection of our community’s caring compassion for each other.We humbly say thank you.Susan Terr...

  • U.S. Senator John Kennedy a key vote on lawsuit reform bill

    It is no secret that frivolous litigation has skyrocketed in recent years. As more and more personal injury trial lawyers seek to use and abuse our legal system for their own personal gain, lawsuit filings have gone through the roof.We see the evidence of this all day everyday. Everywhere we look, we are bombarded by aggressive legal advertising.

  • How many is just enough?

    How many is just enough? One, five, one hundred and five, when a child is killed or struck down by a speeding driver down your street? How many is just enough when your dog or cat is killed by these speeders down your street?

  • Letter to the Editor

     Senate Democrat’s recent effort to use the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to restore Title II regulations to Internet service providers poses a serious threat to the future of the Internet. If successful, their actions to reinstate burdensome, Obama-era regulations could prevent upstart companies from ever taking off and hinder the expansion of broadband networks, two factors critical to the American economy.The Obama FCC radically altered the regulation of Internet service when it s...

  • Pro-choice or pro-life?

    So, there's pro-choice and pro-life. Two very different opinions.When I was in college, I thought pro-choice was valid … drank the Kool-aid, so tospeak.One day, I seriously considered what it meant and I realized ONLY one of two sides was given a choice. Since then, I became 100% pro life, because if both sides can't weigh in, there are no true choices!So, here's the conundrum: I'm expected to look the other way and support Planned Parenthood?

  • My pets are spayed and neutered … are yours?

    In a three-week span, myself together with those who have the same admiration for animals, have recovered more than two dozen abandoned, parasite-infested, ailing, infant kittens and pregnant female cats.With breeding season at a peak right now those numbers continue to ascend for us almost daily (one female cat and her offspring can produce 370,000 kittens in seven years).Our shelters are full, our rescues are over-loaded, and too many faultless animals are suffering. Although I strongly feel t...

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