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Sunday, July 14, 2019

Letters to Editor

  • Special thanks to the Bayou Lafourche community

    We, the pastor, officers and members of New Mt. Zion Baptist Church, would like to thank you, the Bayou Lafourche community for your support of our Annual Steak Supper and Auction held at the Larose Civic Center on August 10.Your continuous efforts through the years to support this endeavor have been and will always be encouraging to us as this is a true example of collaboration between church and the community.We wish to extend a special thank you to those who provided services, donated items, ...

  • New law now prohibits smoking in public housing

    On July 31, 2018, the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) will begin implementing its smoke-free public housing rule across the nation, including Louisiana.This means that people who live in public housing will no longer be allowed to smoke in their apartments, or on the grounds of their housing complex.It is important to understand that HUD does not believe that these policies violate residents’ privacy rights and do not discriminate against residents who smoke.After many ye...

  • Israelite Baptist Church express thanks to community

    The Israelite Baptist Church wants to thank all of our family and friends for their prayers, love and donations. This love was shown during the recent fundraising.The results for the raffle are 1st place, Janet Dugas, Galliano; 2nd place, Charles Sassoni, Galliano; 3rd place, Dylon Lunkin, Raceland; and 4th place, Ronnie Williams, Sr.Many thanks to those who purchased the cookbook, “Cooking, A Gift of Love”.The funds from the sales of the book are donated to the Israelite Baptist Chu...

  • Gov. Edwards voices support for Louisiana Energy Infrastructure

    During his most recent “Ask the Governor” radio series, Governor John Bel Edwards received a question regarding the Bayou Bridge Pipeline, to which Gov. Edwards replied, “I think this is the safest way to get the product to (refineries), and we’re going to proceed with the Bayou Bridge Pipeline.”Gov. Edwards is correct in his assertion the pipelines like Bayou Bridge are the safest, most efficient means of transporting energy products to our state’s refineries...

  • The hidden costs of prescription drugs: A pharmacist’s view

    On Thursday, May 31, Governor Edwards signed SB 283, a bill authored by Sen. Fred Mills.This legislation did not receive a lot of coverage during the regular legislative session but was a big accomplishment in the ongoing fight to lower the cost of prescription drugs. This law will restrict one of the biggest drivers of high prices for medications, Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs).It will bring a more transparent health care system and, importantly, smaller hits to your wallet when you visit you...

  • Concerned for our Elderly and Disabled

    I have to say that I am very disappointed with our state Senators, Congressmen and Governor. I cannot believe that they would consider cutting off 37,000 elderly and disabled people from health coverage to balance the state budget.The Democrats and Republicans cannot see eye to eye on anything these days, whether it’s at the local, state or federal level.It is time to put politics aside and do the right thing for the people of Louisiana. They can’t agree on what to cut or what new ta...

  • There’s still good in this world

    Thank you to the Lafourche Gazette for printing my letter in the May 9 edition about the theft in my home on April 9 or 10.Not hours after the paper was delivered to our Larose community, a good citizen, Mr. Savoie, called me to say he would bring me an easel for my use for my art!How wonderful, despite the evil in the world, there is still hope.Thank you Mr. Savoie.Ophelia LefortLarose

  • If they want it, they will take it

    I just turned ninety years old and am a retired citizen of Larose. I have had a few careers in my life. The last was a secretary at L.C.O Jr.

  • Upcoming millage renewal for Lafourche Parish Fire District #3 Saturday

    This Saturday, April 28, LPFD#3 will be on the ballot for voters to decide whether or not to renew the 8-mill property tax, which if passed, will be levied for 10 years.This tax has been in existence since the establishment of LPFD#3 in 1959 and must be renewed every ten years at its fullest. If this tax is renewed it will take effect in 2019.As the community had to tighten their belts because of the decline in our economy, so did we.The funds we collect from our millage annually are the sole so...

  • Mailbox destroyer needs some Cajun manners

    On Saturday, April 21, someone demolished our mailbox in front of our home on Hwy. 1 in Cut Off. It was a thorough job!To that person, here are a few comments we'd like to share:First, you could have left a note saying "Sorry" or "I'll replace/pay" but you didn't.

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