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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

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Let us resolve to Keep Louisiana Beautiful in 2013

Let us resolve to Keep Louisiana Beautiful in 2013

With the coming of a new year, many of us take the opportunity to make resolutions -- about losing weight, working a little harder at our jobs or spending more time with family.

One resolution we should all make is to resist the urge to litter, and to recycle when possible.

Yes, it’s easier just to throw that trash in the back of the truck where it will blow out the next time you get on the highway. And it’s easier to throw away those plastic and glass containers rather than recycle them. But it is something we could all do that, put together, could make a real difference for our state.

Louisiana spends an estimated $40 million per year to deal with litter. With our state cutting higher education and healthcare to address a shrinking revenue stream, that $40 million could do a lot of good.

So I ask everyone in our community to make a simple resolution in 2013. Put litter in its place and recycle when possible. It doesn’t take much effort, could save our state millions of dollars, and would make our roadsides much more pleasant to travel.

You can also join your local Keep Louisiana Beautiful affiliate. Let’s work to keep Louisiana more beautiful in 2013.

Leigh Harris

Executive Director, Keep Louisiana Beautiful