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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

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Leeville deserves more

Leeville deserves more

I spoke to two Lafourche Parish employees recently, one in a Thibodaux office and one in a Galliano office.
Sadly, I was shocked, both of these employees had never heard of Leeville. I had to explain the adjacent proximity of Golden Meadow, etc.

It is obvious, Leeville has been long forgotten, which the locals have known.

Over the decades, Leeville has lost so much in services, yet pay the same in taxes as others. Leeville actually pays more than their share to be exact. Being assessed a drainage tax, when there is none provided in Leeville, just

Mother Nature's falling and rising tides. Much is gone, the bank, post office, volunteer fire department, senior center, municipal gas service, precious family cemeteries have washed away, and more.

Lack of Lafourche Parish government representation for potential restoration projects for decades is unacceptable as Leeville washes away.

Leeville's value to the parish is immeasurable. Hotel-motel tax revenue, property tax revenue, and sales tax revenue from Leeville is a great contribution, yet unrecognized.

Until last year, when the public boat launch was finally installed, Leeville had no parish improvements for decades, only loss of services. Without support from the Greater Lafourche Port Commission, the launch would still not be built.

The improvements to LA 1 have been maintained by the state. Once the elevated highway is complete, the parish will be responsible to maintain "Old" LA 1. I can only imagine, this road will become a distant, non-maintained memory after storms.

Just like other assets in Leeville that the parish deemed not worth repairing, this too, shall happen to "Old" LA 1.

The businesses and residents of Leeville deserve more help.

In observance of Breast Cancer Awareness month, I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their prayers. I am receiving chemo for Stage 3 breast cancer. As I battle breast cancer, I shall remain fighting for Leeville.

Thank You.

Janet Rhodus
Launch Leeville
501(c)(3) Non-Profit