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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

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Larose public boat launch to open soon says Parish President

Larose public boat launch to open soon says Parish President

A public boat launch on the Delta Farms Road will open soon, said Parish President Jimmy Cantrelle at last Tuesday’s Parish Council public meeting.

But “soon” could still be far in the future.

The launch, once owned and operated privately, was bought by the parish in 2017 with the promise by Cantrelle of reopening soon after the South Lafourche Levee District finished with improvements to the nearby levee system.

At a June 2017 council meeting, Cantrelle stated an agreement had been reached with the owners to purchase the launch for $310,000 and that he “planned to make it a first class launch with cameras and lighting.”

But levee work has long since been completed.

Now, months later, the launch still hasn’t opened and some residents like Larose constituent David Breaux showed up at Tuesday’s meeting to ask for an “update” on the launch and when it might open.

Parish Interim Administrator Tommy Lasseigne said Cantrelle signed the notice to proceed for design and layout and that it will be starting soon.

“I can’t imagine it taking long. Some signage is needed,” said Lasseigne.

When pressed by Breaux for an opening date, Lasseigne only said that Cantrelle has been in communication with All South Engineers, Inc. who will be in charge of the improvements.

“Whenever he (All South) wants to start, he can start,” said Lasseigne

Signage would include warnings about launching and “overnight parking at your own risk”.

Councilman Armand Autin warned the public to understand that opening the launch might take time.

“Last meeting we approved All South to go out there and evaluate the parking. We want to do things right. To say it’s gonna be tomorrow or the end of the year, I don’t know, but it’s coming. It’s moving along in typical government fashion,” said Autin.

But Councilman Daniel Lorraine chastised his fellow members, saying the failure to open the launch is “uncalled-for”.

“You voted eight months ago and it’s still not open. Council can say what they want; administration can say what they want. It should have been done. Period!” said Lorraine.

Later in the meeting, Cantrelle echoed Lasseigne’s comment about signage.

“We’re waiting for the signs to come in. Once they come in we will put them up right away and we’re gonna open it,” he stated.