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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

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Justice for Toni

Justice for Toni

On July 26, it made approximately 4 months and 11 days that my daughters and I lost our loved one, their mother and my wife.

There is so much we can say, but no one listens. It's as if we have no voice.

Through all of this, I have become beyond frustrated with the way things have been handled. It’s as though we are a burden for anyone to return our phone call.

Life has changed and has lost so much value after this tragedy. The disrespectful talk on the street by people you thought would have had respect for a person as sweet and kind as my wife, showed their true colors.

Justice has to prevail in this case, as dozens of concerned citizens, my family and I have expressed. We need to come together on this for help. We as law abiding citizens have lost our voices. It's past time we step up and make a difference in this community. United we're strong, divided we're weak. Stand up, be strong and we can all together make this a better place.

If we can help make a difference in anyone else's life, please reach out. We can come together for justice.

We would like to express thanks for the loving support from ALL of you in this tough time. You all know who you are!

In Loving Memory of Toni O. Pitre.

Thank you,

Marty, Devon, and Gina

Larose, LA