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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

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Important message FROM our community …

Important message FROM our community …

On Sunday, April 12th I was browsing through the newspaper, as I regularly do, when I came across an ad that I find to be quite disturbing. The ad that I am referring to, covered all of page 6A, titled "An Important Message to Our Community" (penned by Mr. Gary Chouest & Mr. Al Gonsoulin).

In this ad, Mr. Chouest & Mr. Gonsoulin come to the aid of exploration mega-company British Petroleum (BP) stating that because BP chose to "stay and meet its requirements" they should not go "unnoticed", "unreported" and "UNREWARDED".

In my opinion, the average Lafourche Parish resident cannot afford lavish vacations to exotic locations; therefore, we share with our children the activities that we grew up on, like a trip to the beach, fishing, crabbing and so on.
While I do not support anyone filing claims against British Petroleum (BP) that are unjust, I can't help but wonder when was the last time Mr. Chouest swam in our local waters?

To call members of our community "narrow thinking and vindictive" is just an example of how truly out of touch Mr. Chouest has become with the community from which he lives and operates his business.

When polluted marine life stop washing up in our back yard maybe those who depend on our (once plentiful) waters would be a little more receptive to BP's presence in OUR community or lack thereof. No one can positively confirm the long-term effects that the 2010 oil-spill catastrophe will have on our children, our community or our natural resources but before acting like a big fish in a little pond, Mr. Gary Chouest must first get in the water.

Terrance Lee


This picture was taken Saturday, April 11 at Elmer’s Island of a porpoise that washed ashore covered in oil.
Picture courtesy of Ashlee Barthe