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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

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If they want it, they will take it

If they want it, they will take it

I just turned ninety years old and am a retired citizen of Larose. I have had a few careers in my life. The last was a secretary at L.C.O Jr. High School after serving for 17 years. I want to make my wonderful Larose community aware of the things that can happen in your home.

On April 9th or 10th, I discovered two very important items missing in my home. I am an artist and I do my artwork on my porch on the side of my house. On one of those days, someone came into my home and stole my table easel and a painting I recently completed. I must have forgotten to lock the porch door leading into my house, easy to do at the age of 90!

I don’t remember having signed my wonderful painting of an earthen oven made with mud and moss that were to be used by the Cajuns years ago to bake their family bread. I rendered this painting for my grandchildren so they know what this item looked like. Now both my easel and my wonderful painting done in beautiful yellow colors are gone, STOLEN!

I have reported this to the sheriff’s office, but my hopes and prayer is that someone will see this painting and report it. If you see it, call the Lafourche Gazette at 693-7229 and they will contact me.

Ophelia Lefort

Larose, LA