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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

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Hurdles cleared for Leeville Boat Launch

Hurdles cleared for Leeville Boat Launch

Good news for residents and businesses in Leeville, and for those who like to fish in the Leeville area—construction of the Leeville Public Boat Launch will likely begin in the spring of this year. So said Joe Picciola of Picciola and Associates in his update to the Parish Council on Tuesday, January 8.

When asked by Councilman Daniel Lorraine why progress was so slow on the launch, Picciola said that ease of public access and environmental concerns have been the main roadblocks.

“Once you get over those hurdles, things go easily,” Picciola answered.

With a site leased from the state’s Department of Transportation in Leeville, the first hurdle is gone. And with the confirmation, according to Picciola, that the state Department of Natural Resources has received the parish’s mitigation permit application, the other hurdle is nearly passed as well.

Money for construction, around $1 million, has been in place since 2011. Delays in acquiring property, funding, and permitting have all been surmounted.

With the payment of the mitigation permit fee, the permit may soon be issued, and solicitation of bids for construction can be advertised.

Janet Rhodus, a Leeville resident and launch advocate, said in an email regarding the final permit:  “I am thrilled the pieces have finally fallen into place to get this monumental project off the ground.”

Councilman Lorraine, in whose district the launch will be built, called the boat launch a “money maker”.

“You want to bring money into this parish, bring boat launches,” he said.

His and his constituent’s wish may finally be granted.