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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

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Huge thanks to our local fire department

Huge thanks to our local fire department

On January 22nd, our mother, Felicia Layus, had a very bad fall at home resulting in multiple injuries. Because she had Alzheimer’s, she could not tell us where she was hurting.

She was hospitalized for two weeks and in severe pain the entire time. On February 9th, she was sent to my house in Cut Off where Hospice took over her care.

When the ambulance arrived the driver said he would need help. He called the fire department. Four men were sent and I might add, very quickly.

Or concern was moving her with as little pain as possible. To get her to her room, the men had to carry her up three steps in the gurney. She was then gently moved to a transfer sheet and carried from the kitchen thru the hall to her bedroom.

I watched as she was brought in. The firemen were so gentle and took such care moving her, trying not to cause any pain. This was around 5 p.m. on February 9th. At 3 a.m. the following morning, our momma died.

The coroner’s office sent a vehicle to take momma to the morgue. The gentleman was alone. He again called the fire department for help and a short time later they were back.

With grace and dignity, a somber look on their faces, these public service professionals carried momma ever so gently out to the hearse.

As I had done the afternoon before, I went out and thanked the four men. Though this task was a minimal one, these men properly and respectfully represented their department profession and brotherhood.

Aaron Billiot and Marty Gisclair came both times to help. Andi Orgeron, Lionel Guidry, Seth Griffin, Mary Gisclair and Gareth Authement came one time on either day.

On April 28th, the tax for the fire department is up for renewal. Please take the time to go vote for this.

We are very lucky in this area that our people approved this tax. Because of this, the fire department bas better equipment and great trained firemen.

These fine men don’t just put out fires, you’ll see them at every accident. They hold “Open House” so the public can visit the firehouse. I personally had two of them come to my home and install smoke detectors for no charge. This is something that they do for our community. They visit our schools to help educate our children on what to do in case they are faced with a situation involving a fire.

Firefighters possess a rare and unique trait. They are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice and put their life on the line for someone they may have never seen, met or even know.

I close by saying thank you to our local fire department. God bless all of you!

June Bagala

Earline Coston

Marilyn Lee

Carolyn Robert