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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

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How many is just enough?

How many is just enough?

How many is just enough? One, five, one hundred and five, when a child is killed or struck down by a speeding driver down your street? How many is just enough when your dog or cat is killed by these speeders down your street? Who doesn’t even stop when it happens?

I have lived on West 133rd Street since September 1985. Some of you reading this weren’t even born then. But those of us who were here know this street as the “old bowling alley” street.

Things were simpler then and this street was but a shell mound leading to what would be the future new Highway 3235.

Then progress struck the bayou and along with it came more people, cars, trucks, the oil field boom, and now bust, and hence the problems began on this street. The new highway opened and this street became the “mecca” of through traffic traveling at all rates of speed to access that highway.

I have tried for years to get help from my councilman and the sheriff’s office. I was told by my councilman that I needed a petition signed by everyone on this street stating they needed and wanted traffic controls to be put in place.

I did this, not once but twice, only to be told by the Traffic Division Officers that “yes, we have speeders but just not enough”. Not enough to warrant traffic controls. They did go so far as to install speed limit signs and radar signs that have done nothing to help the situation.

I even had the digital radar (portable) brought on this street for two weeks. Not one officer came, nor was anyone ticketed during that period. Once again I was told that people are speeding down this street, just not enough for traffic barriers.

My question is, how many does it take to be just enough if this is where the Sheriff lived or Councilman and their families lived and were in harm’s way?

No one can tell me just how much is enough!

Judy Cheramie

Cut Off