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Housekeeping and Sports

Housekeeping and Sports

My column is often snail-mailed or emailed to friends and relatives I write about who do not receive the Lafourche Gazette. I often hear from them.

Example: In a recent column about the tragic drowning at 19 of my grade school friend Curtis Leblanc, I lacked his picture. I later heard from his sister and relatives who were mailed the column and they kindly sent one.

I always post the column on my Facebook page for friends who live outside TLG distributing area and I ask my many FB friends to do the same for former area residents who now live outside the parish and state and in foreign countries. I have FB friends in England, France, Canada, Belgium, the Middle East and many others countries.

I recently asked my readers to claim several sets of Encyclopedias no longer needed thanks to the internet. They were claimed as soon as TLG was delivered. I found 2 more sets, one a 16-book set, “The United States Encyclopedia of History”, and a seven coffee table size set of “The History of World War II”.

Call me at 985-475-7306 to claim them. Would the nice lady who claimed the “World Book” set pick up volume “N-O” that was left behind? All are in first class condition, which means I didn’t use them much, hence my naivete.

About sports: I was never an avid sports fan spending my spare time, weekends and holidays playing music. But I do follow, on TV and radio, the Saints, Green Wave, Tigers and our local teams.

Last week my first cousin Curtis Martin’s picture at the C.P. telethon on TLG brought back memories of two episodes in his life that I witnessed, one happy, one sad. They were mentioned in a previous column, but here are more details and pictures.

In my years in the Assessor’s office I was given tickets to athletic events by tax representatives. It was not illegal although there was a value limit. First it was tickets to the Astrodome in Houston for Astro baseball and L.S.U. football when they played there. Later the Superdome and the Saints. But when the Saints became winners, the tickets stopped coming. Now more important people wanted them.

I vividly remember one LSU-Rice game because Curtis “Chee-Kin”(*) Martin was an all-star LSU Tiger. (Curtis is the son of Victor, my dad Roosevelt’s brother).

Because of family pride, Dot and I drove to Houston and the game soon became 44 to 0 in favor of the Tigers. I met engineer Marco Picciola II at the food bar who greeted me with “Wow! What a great game, right Leroy?” I answered, “Marco, I want the Tigers to win and I am enjoying seeing “Chee-Kin” having a field day, but forty four to nothing … come on, where’s the drama and suspense?” He answered “Lee, I don’t care if it would be 100 to 0, it’s a great game and I’m having a great time!” Now there was an avid L.S.U. fan.

(*) The nickname came from his older brother the late Lanny Martin who was so good playing Golden Meadow High School basketball that he was nicknamed “Goose” after “Goose” Tatum, the great Harlem Globe Trotter. So Curtis was nicknamed “Chicken”, another feathered friend, but pronounced “Chee-Kin” by his fellow Cajuns and everybody else.)

The Saints had signed free-agent tight end Curtis Martin after his playing days with L.S.U. were over and sports writers raved about him “catching anything that came his way” at Saints training camp.

Dot and I watched his first game against the Pittsburgh Steelers and everything was going great when, in the fifth play from scrimmage the cartilage on both sides of his left knee were ripped apart. He had been a hero to the Cajuns since L.S.U. but his football days were over. A very sad day indeed!

He settled down with a successful job, wife and children but “Chee-Kin” Martin’s memory will long endure.

“Thy grandeur was brief but Oh! So brilliant” … a quote from James Dean’s eulogy that applies to my “cuz”.

Next week, consequences of a critical radio listener letter.

Bye Now!

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