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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

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Holiday Blessings

Holiday Blessings

Recently a small group of Gheens residents formed the Gheens Needy Family Foundation. The purpose of the organization is to assist underprivileged families in our Gheens community.

The organization decided on hosting plate lunches every three months and dividing the profits(s) to families in Gheens. On November 6, 2016 we hosted our first dinner. The foundation sold white beans/ rice, grillades, salad and bread for $8 a plate. District Attorney, Cam Morvant, Sheriff Craig Webre and Arlen Cenac presented monetary donations to finance our first benefit. Thanks to their generosity the dinner was a huge accomplishment. The organization raised $1,360. We were able to distribute $200 to four cancer related families and another $200 to a 92 year old bed-ridden senior citizen. The remaining $360 was retained for our next function.

As word traveled about our foundation a few more monetary donations surfaced. We held another meeting and decided to distribute turkeys to 42 Gheens families for the holidays. Kearney Toups and I were given $400 to $500 budget for this plan. Upon purchasing the turkeys, we realized that the cost exceeded our budget. While we were discouragingly deciding what our next plan of action should be, a family friend, Steve Wanko, approached me. We exchanged holiday greetings and formal introductions. He was completing his shopping to host a large family meal at his home that afternoon. Kearney mentioned that we were shopping to feed 42 families, but we had encountered a roadblock. Mr. Wanko asked what he meant, so we explained our situation. Mr. Wanko then reached into his back pocket and gave us the remaining funding needed to purchase these meals. Kearney and I looked at each other in disbelief. The turkeys were purchased and delivered the following day.

In conclusion, in the society that we live in today, there still is love and hope amongst us as unselfishly exemplified by Mr. Morvant, Mr. Webre, Mr. Cenac and Mr. Wanko. They have made it possible to ensure our foundation benefits were successful. We would like to offer special appreciation for the kindness they have shared within our community.


Robert “Squirrel” Landry