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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

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Grinch Steals Santa Claus

Grinch Steals Santa Claus

Shortly after midnight on Sunday morning, December 11, a thief (we’ll call the Grinch), stole the Santa Claus figure in front of my home at 14155 E. Main in Cut Off. The plywood Santa was next to Mrs. Claus and was an integral part of the decorations I have put up for many years. The Santa was 5 feet tall, cut out of plywood and painted with the likeness of Santa.

A theft of the Santa decoration, is the most lowest despicable act that could happen during the Christmas Season, the celebration of the birth of Jesus. The decorations are put for the benefit of children, adults and the community to visit and enjoy for the holiday season.

After this incident, I wonder if it’s really worth the huge amount of time, labor, effort and dollars to continue putting up these decorations for all…Yes It Is!

If the Grinch returns Santa, no questions asked. If not, anyone who sees the Santa decoration, please give me a call at 985-665-7375. Have a safe and happy holiday.

Kirk St. Pierre
Cut Off