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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

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Gheens native gets big break in new reality TV series

Gheens native gets big break in new reality TV series

24-year-old Gheens native, Mattie Breaux, recently got her big break on a new reality tv series entitled Party Down South.

Take eight people, put them in a beautiful house in South Carolina, mix in unlimited alcohol and a video camera and you’ve got a reality TV show. Make four of those eight people from Louisiana and the others from varying parts of the south and you’ve got a no-holds-barred, rowdy time on your hands.

The producers of Jersey Shore have done just that and the new series, Party Down South, will be aired January 16 at 9 p.m. central on CMT.

One of co-stars is 24-year-old Gheens native Mattie Breaux. Her bio on CMT reads as follows: “Mattie Breaux is a 24-year-old former beauty queen from Gheens, LA. Standing tall at 6’3 with heels on, Mattie is never shy to speak her mind. She loves being the center of attention and partying is one of her favorite past times. Mattie truly defines “hot mess” as her love life is always full of drama. She’s involved in an on-again off-again relationship back home, so this summer in Murrells will surely test its strength. After spending her summer outside of Louisiana, Mattie is ready to explore more of what the South has to offer.

We interviewed Mattie to get her thoughts on the soon to air Party Down South.


Q: So let’s start with the basics. Who are your parents and grandparents?

A: My parents are Dean and Jeannine Breaux. My dad’s parents are Margie and Dally Breaux, Sr. and my mom’s parents are Anderson and Verena Schouest.


Q: What did your family and friends think when you got accepted to be part of the series?

A: Some of my family questioned it just because it’s on TV – your family doesn’t want you to embarrass them, you know – but I am who I am and what I do can be seen or unseen. It doesn’t make or break me. You can like or hate me.


Q: Did you do anything on film that you regret or will be really embarrassed about?

A: I did a lot of embarrassing things but you’ll have to tune in on Jan. 16 to check out the premier and watch the series on CMT.

[We soon learned that Mattie was trained well in the promotional lingo.]


Q: Are you nervous about people you know watching the show?

A: I did question a few things but I was myself on the show. So if you know me, everything you’ll see will be believable because I didn’t act like someone I’m not. I was myself through the entire journey.


Q: What are you up to now? What’s next for you?

A: We have a lot going on right now with the premier just around the corner. We’re in Nashville at the moment but I now live in New Orleans. It’s always been a dream of mine to succeed. With this opportunity I’m able to take it and run. I’m open to anything, just for success, ya know. I’m aiming for the stars.


Q: What did you miss most while being away from home?

A: I missed seeing my family all the time. I was so used to seeing them daily, going visit each other and definitely the cooking. You can’t beat our cooking.


Q: How different is your life now from when you lived on the bayou?

A: It’s a lot different. Everyone’s ways are different and I’m used to how we do things in Lafourche. Everything is pretty much outside my comfort zone.


Q: There’ve been some teasers for the show about your on-again, off-again relationship with ‘the boy back home’ during the show.  How’d that work out?

A: It is so past tense and I ain’t going back. He’s still on the bayou but I’m not really nervous about him watching the show because I was open about everything and up front with him.


Q: Did you have a love affair, or two, while in Murrells?

A: Let’s just say I met a few guys and had a few kisses.  But you’ll have to tune in to see it all.


Q: So how does Party Down South compare to Jersey Shores, the Real World, etc.?

A: The same people as Jersey Shores produce it but it’s different because we’re all from the south and a lot of our ways are really different. But it is similar to the eight strangers that live together part. I do hope that eventually we can compare our success to theirs.


Q: Who was your favorite co-star?

A: Actually, they’re all my favorites. They became like a family. It was a crazy ride but I love them all equally.


Q: Any thing you’d like to add?

A: Just don’t forget to tune in to CMT on Thursday and look for me. I really think everyone will get a kick out of it.


To view the promo videos and read up on cast members, visit and click on Party Down South. Viewers beware: there is plethora of shot taking, booty shaking drama to unfold.