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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

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Galliano woman fed up with government

Galliano woman fed up with government

America is stuck with a president who was never qualified for the office. Obama never held a “real” job. Community organizer is not resume’ material to run a country. He has no business knowledge, no foreign policy and is anti-military.

I guess I will be labeled racist because he is black. Newsflash! He is half black, therefore I am half racist.
I am racist with Obama and Michelle vacationing on taxpayers’ nickel. I use the term loosely. Their trips have totaled about 150 million tax dollars.

I am racist when Congress passes laws we must obey and they exempt themselves. I am racist against welfare. I am racist against free housing. I am racist against food stamps. I am racist against someone collecting disability when they’ve burnt their brains with drugs.

I am racist against Obama and Congress using our constitution as toilet paper. I am racist against Obama shoving Obamacare down our throats (keep in mind Mary Landrieu voted for). Congress has their own insurance. You and I pay for it. I am racist about the liberal media covering up Obama and company. If you do not watch “Fox” national news, you hear only one side. Why do you think Obama calls them out?

I am racist against Congress blaming “baby boomers” for social security going broke. My generation worked. We were not community organizers!

Linda Cheramie