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Sunday, April 14, 2019

Financial Advice From Jason

Money Matters

Money Matters

  • Five ways to encourage good saving and spending habits in your children

    How often do you discuss money with your children? If your answer is “not often,” you’re not alone.There is an opportunity to help your children form strong spending and saving habits at an early age, and doing so can have a concrete impact on their futures. For example, recent research suggests that children with savings – even as little as $1 to $499 – are four times more likely to go to college than children with no savings at all.There are many reasons why it&rs...

  • A year-round college-planning calendar for parents and prospective students

     Preparing your kids for college isn’t just about the money you’ve put aside for tuition, room and board. It’s about making deadlines, making the right choices and making sure your teen has the proper life and money skills to make college a success.Consider a college-planning calendar you and your university-bound student can follow. Here are some seasonal activities to consider adding to yours:WinterNo matter how you’ve prepared financially for your teen’s col...

  • Anyone can make mistakes with estate matters – You don't have to

    Adulthood brings certain financial responsibilities like the building of budgets, bank accounts and proper insurance. It's surprising how few consider a proper estate plan part of that essential mix.In fact, a recent ABCNews poll ( found that only about 50 percent of Americans have created a will and significantly fewer have created the supporting estate documents like a living will or a power of attorney.Preparing now for the end of your life or for illness may not ...

  • Five Essential Steps to Financial Independence

    It’s never a bad time to consider life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness but Independence Day offers us a special opportunity.For me, those concepts also have a great deal to do with financial independence. After all, the ability to take care of yourself and your loved ones throughout life is a great source of happiness and a way to avoid stress and worry.And never forget that greater financial freedom isn’t just good news for you – financially healthy households make us al...

  • Over 50? Supersize your retirement savings

    If you’re over age 50 and not sure whether you’re going to be able to retire, it’s time to focus, get advice and build a realistic plan. You’re not alone. The U.S.

  • Gifts for the new graduate

    College graduation season is upon us. How about a gift that will really mean something to a student in your life? The way I see it, the best graduation gift isn't just a check in an envelope – it's coming up with a few great, memorable ideas to help a new grad get a great financial start in life.

  • When changing jobs, should you leave 401(k) money behind?

    With the average American spending only 4.6 years at any given job, it's never been more important to have a plan for any retirement funds you've accrued at any employer. A big problem that began during the 2008 recession but continues today involves loans, hardship withdrawals and complete cash-outs of 401(k) plans. A 2015 Boston College study ( reported that 1.5 percent of retirement assets "leak out" of 401(k) plans and personal IRAs each year, reducing an individual's wealt...

  • Is a budget-billing plan from your utility company a good idea?

    During a particularly cold winter or hot summer, you open your utility bill with a sense of dread. Is it time to consider your utility company's budget-billing plan? Maybe so, but do your homework first.

  • Putting together a great wedding on a budget

    With the average price of an American wedding over $31,000, the big day can impose financial stress for those who don’t have savings in place. It’s important to remember that these numbers indicate greater trends—not suggested spending patterns. Before discussion about a ceremony or reception even begins, it’s smart for couples to have a frank talk about money issues in general.

  • Money prep for prospective parents

    It costs parents an average of $245,340 to raise a child from birth to age 18. That figure from the U.S. Agriculture Department is just one reason why prospective parents are advised to consider parallel financial planning for child-based expenses and retirement.

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