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Sunday, September 24, 2017

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Financial Advice From Jason

Money Matters

Money Matters

  • How a little work could lead to over $1,000 in savings

    How long would it take you to earn an extra $1,000?Contrary to what spam and internet ads tell us, after taking taxes and deductions into account, it's not an easy task. But you might be able to save over a thousand dollars with a little work. The key is to decrease or eliminate unnecessary recurring expenses.You can use the savings to build up an emergency fund or invest them for important long-term goals, such as travel or retirement.

  • Food waste is money down the drain

    How many times have you gone to pour milk in your coffee, only to see that the date on the carton was yesterday? Some people will instinctively throw it away, but chances are that’s not what the label is intended to convey. It’s likely a marker for when the food might taste its best, not if it’s safe to eat.By some estimates, as many as 91 percent of consumers may misinterpret food date labels.

  • Practical financial planning for parents-to-be

     Planning for a baby is exciting and sometimes a little frightening for expectant parents, especially first-time parents. The months will fly by and soon you’ll be at home embarking on an adventure along with the newest member of your family. Welcome to the excitement, exhaustion, fascination, bewilderment and love that is parenthood.Along with the joy and fulfillment that a new baby brings, you’ll have new financial responsibilities.

  • Make sure your property’s assessed value is correct

    Some homeowners can’t wait to see the assessed value of their home drop. In fact, they’ll tell you the bigger the drop, the better. Why?

  • Keeping the peace between adult children in estate planning

    When you die, will your kids fight over your money?It's an important question that might be hard to answer now, but parents who devote themselves to estate planning with relevant updates over their lifetimes can potentially keep arguments between adult children to a minimum.As of 2013, American retirees are the sixth most generous in the world when it comes to the amount of assets passed on to family, according to a survey by HSBC, the global British bank.The latest survey, (

  • Resolve to Replace your bad financial habits

    Most people have at least one bad financial habit. Whether it’s impulse shopping, forgetting to pay bills on time or putting off building that emergency fund, balancing what you want to do and what you “should” do is never easy.The new year is the perfect time to identify potential financial weak points and replace bad habits with productive ones.Start by identifying your bad habits. Sometimes a bad financial habit is easy to identify.

  • What does retirement look like if you haven’t saved?

    The picture of retirement that many of us have is a post-work period filled with travel and plenty of relaxation. It’s a time when you can finally take up a new hobby, sink into the pile of books and enjoy more time with family and friends.The reality is that many haven’t been able to save enough money to enjoy this idealized retirement. What might their retirement look like?You may be working for longer than you expected. Many people undergo a period of “phased retirement...

  • Mistakes on your tax return could lead to an audit

    You’re not alone if your heart pounds when you see a letter from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in your mailbox. While some lucky filers get sent a letter because they’re due a larger refund, most of us fear the worst — an audit.Those fears may be largely unfounded for the average household. Only about one percent of taxpayers get audited, and high-income taxpayers are disproportionately targeted.If you are audited, it might not be like you imagine.

  • Six ways to save on your next car

    Looking for an eco-friendly subcompact or the thrills that come with a sports car? Perhaps the practicality of a sedan or a spacious SUV better fits your needs?No matter what type of vehicle is calling your name, planning your purchase can help you save as much money as possible.Consider these six savings tips while shopping for your next car. Whether you’re concerned about upfront, monthly or long-term costs, there’s something here that can help you.1.

  • How to turn monetary gifts into teachable moments

    Children and teenagers who received monetary gifts for the holidays are often excited to choose what to buy.While they should be allowed to spend some of the money or gift cards, as a parent, you could also use these windfall gains as an opportunity to teach and practice important personal finance lessons.Here are a few ideas to start with, although you can alter the message or subject matter to match your child’s experience and ability to understand the topic.Create money goals together. ...

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