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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

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Evil Over Good

Evil Over Good

What drives a person to choose to carry out an act of evil over an act of good? On the night of January 24th, someone placed a can of tuna laced with poison on the front porch of a residence for the purpose of killing the family’s pet dog.

Why did you not call the owners, file a complaint with the police department, or instead of a tuna can with poison, place a note on the door to express your complaint about the dog? You never gave the family the opportunity to rectify the problem you obviously had with the pet but instead so cruelly took its life.

Your evil deed has broken a child’s heart and fractured his joyful spirit and filled it with such sadness. The heartache extends to his parents who have to answer his question and try to explain how his healthy, vibrant pet could die so suddenly and to other family members who try to console him during crying spells.

Thankfully, he was not the one to find the pet in the morning to say good-bye before going to school. Did you ever give one thought that it would be a young child to suffer the consequences for your actions?

Our family always considered this a family friendly neighborhood and never suspected there would be anyone capable of animal cruelty.

Jennifer Friedlander

Cut Off