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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

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Epic Bar Builds renovates Golden Meadow home

Epic Bar Builds renovates Golden Meadow home

A local family’s dreams come true when the Discovery Channel takes a visit to the bayou to make their idea of a perfect bar a reality.

This May, families all over America will sit back and see the rich culture and hospitality of our little neck of the woods. It is not often that the north gets to revel in the experience of visiting down the bayou; however, we always make it a fun time worth having for them.

Epic Bar Builds, which airs on Sunday afternoons at 2 p.m. on the Discovery Channel, follows the Heineman Bar Company and its team as they travel around the country building amazing custom bars for people.

On the May 3 episode of Epic Bar Builds the team will be visiting none other than Golden Meadow as they transform one of the old rooms at local couple Kalika and Drake Rogers’ house into their own epic Rougarou Lounge.

The Heineman Bar Company, located in Chicago, was first founded by bar designer Aaron Heineman. There he, his brother and lead builder, Ben Heineman, along with the rest of their team, have all of the woodworking tools necessary to create a truly one of a kind bar before shipping it across the country to the onsite construction.

In the case of the Rougarou Lounge they made a sleek wooden bar full of custom carvings with alligator skin lining the top of the bar. In fact Aaron decided to carve in the face of the Rougarou man at the top and center of the bar leading to the room’s new name.

The team came to the Rogers’ home from Sunday through Friday last July to do their construction. For the entire week the Rogers family waited in anticipation to see the finished product.

“Drake gave them an idea of what we wanted, but he said surprise me with the rest. They had a real Cajun theme to it, especially with the Rougarou medallion at the top. Even though they’re from Chicago, I guess they did their homework before coming down here,” said Kalika.

The result was beyond what they could have imagined. The builders were well rewarded for their work each day. Every morning the Rogers made beignets for their guests and every afternoon there was some sort of seafood boil or other Cajun cooking.

“Oh they went crazy for it. It was funny because we’re serving them gumbo and at first they were talking about how good the soup was and they didn’t know to put rice in it,” said Drake.

Although the Rogers were unable to step inside their room or see its construction during that week it never stopped them or the Heineman team from partying together in their backyard every night after their hard day’s work.

The Rogers say that their new bar will come very handy when the new Saints season kicks off.

“I was blown out of my mind whenever I first saw it. I was like wow, I never could’ve imagined that it would be like this,” said Drake.

The Rogers would also like to personally thank all of their friends and family for their help with the cooking and hospitality that they were able to extend to their new friends from up north. The Heineman team had so much fun here in fact that they invited the Rogers back to their hometown in Chicago for the season finale of Epic Bar Builds at Aaron Heineman’s own self-made bar.

The whole Heineman team has also promised to return down the bayou for Mardi Gras.

“It was awesome. We got a new bar and some amazing friends all at the same time,” said Drake.

“They were amazed coming down here. They love Cajun people,” said Kalika.