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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

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DEQ sends reminder about open burning regulations

DEQ sends reminder about open burning regulations

Burning waste causes air pollution and the open burning of certain materials is prohibited in Louisiana. There are also local ordinances pertaining to what can and can’t be burned. If you have a trash pile and burn household waste, construction debris or anything other than vegetative matter, you are violating the law. Under Title 33, section 1109 of the Louisiana Administrative Code, “no person shall cause or allow the burning of waste or other combustible material on any property owned by him or under his control.”

Some materials that should NEVER be burned are:
• Plastic and other synthetic materials
• Tires and other rubber products
• Paints, household and agricultural chemicals
• Asphalt shingles, heavy oils, wire
• Newspaper, cardboard and other paper products
• Buildings and mobile homes

Outdoor fires pollute the air, can be toxic and can make it difficult to breathe. Citizens can call DEQ to report illegal open burning at 225-219-3640 or toll free 1-888-763-5424 call the DEQ regional office that serves your parish.