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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

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Cut Off man disgusted with councilmen's behavior

Cut Off man disgusted with councilmen's behavior

I am a life long resident of this parish and I’m completely disgusted with our parish councilmen.

On July 23rd, I attended a parish council meeting. One councilman entered the government complex wearing a wig, because he didn’t want to be seen there by certain people.

At that same time, another councilman admitted to calling me a “Dumb S.O.B. who probably depends on food stamps”.

These are two of the people who are running our parish! I’m extremely upset that a councilman can get away with slandering a resident.

This councilman didn’t only put me down, he made it seem like everyone who relies on food stamps to feed their families should be ashamed.

Shame on you councilmen, you were elected to do a job not partake in a circus.

For the record, myself and no one in my family collects food stamps.

Shane Pate

Cut Off