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Sunday, July 21, 2019

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Cut Off artist creates attention-grabbing poster for Louisiana’s newest festival

Cut Off artist creates attention-grabbing poster for Louisiana’s newest festival

NEW ORLEANS, LA – Local artist Tracy Wisehart-Plaisance just may have outdone herself this time. The Cut Off, Louisiana resident has been commissioned to design festival posters before, but none that required the image to depict a nighttime scene.

That has now all changed as Plaisance unveils her fifth festival poster and the inaugural artwork for the newest Louisiana festival, the Bayou Road Balloon Festival that takes place Nov. 10-12 in Chalmette, LA.

The 24 x 36 poster shows what festival organizers believe will be a huge attraction – the evening Balloon Glow that occurs each night during the festival. The glow will occur at sundown when pilots in hot air balloons tethered around the festival fully ignite their burners to create a stunning balloon landscape, a landscape where darkness is overshadowed by the light coming from the hot air balloons.

With only a picture of a Balloon Glow scene from another festival, Plaisance got to work to create her own version of it on canvas.

“It was a bit of a challenge to create this because you really had to focus on lighting,” explains Plaisance, who notes that creating light on canvas can be somewhat tricky.

Also, Plaisance created a scene that includes a lot of people, and that’s where another one of her talents came in handy.

“In addition to doing traditional artwork, I’m also a live wedding painter, so I’ve learned how to create large crowds and place them in a scene. I love the whole poster, but I am most proud of the lighting and the people; I think those two elements really came out well.”

Plaisance, who is a self-taught artist born and raised in Quincy, IL, but a Cut Off resident for decades, will only remark and sign 150 posters that will be available for purchase at the festival. Organizers say they do plan on printing several hundred posters, along with t-shirts that can also be purchased at the festival.

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