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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

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COYC partnering with Saints, Chevron, Offshore Liftboats for renovations

COYC partnering with Saints, Chevron, Offshore Liftboats for renovations

By now, it’s pretty common knowledge that the Cut Off Youth Center’s exterior walls have a brand new coat of sparkling gold paint.

That’s courtesy of a grant the parish gave the facility last fall to fund multiple renovations within the multi-purpose facility.

But did you know that the interior of the building is about to be turned inside-out, as well?

After using the parish money to get a new paint job, as well as multiple other wrinkles in the building, COYC is movin’ on up again, thanks to a partnership the facility reached with the New Orleans Saints.

The project is set to redo the building’s office spaces, creating an exercise room and media center. It will also redo the flooring in the building’s dancing room and boxing gym.

The work is almost all the way done with all the new equipment set to be delivered by mid-May. The facility will have a showcase on May 28 where the public will be invited to tour the new facility and see everything it will have to offer.

The Saints are partnering with Chevron and Offshore Liftboats, LLC in the endeavor, which will help COYC continue to move forward, according to Director D’Lynn Boudreaux, who said she’s beaming with pride and excitement over everything that’s happening.

“We think this is going to be great,” Boudreaux said. “We want everyone to come on May 28. We want to have some kids, some coaches and just people within the community to be able to take a look at all of the great things that are happening here.”

This project will be a big coup to our area.

The old upstairs glass-windowed office that overlooked the downstairs basketball court will be completely redone in the coming weeks, as part of the project. The Saints will donate workout equipment and benches that will turn that space from an office into a full-fledged exercise gym. Boudreaux said the gym will only be of use to adults and children with supervision of a coach.

Once completed, it will be a new look for the facility.

“It’s going to be organized. It won’t just be kids running around out of control,” Boudreaux said. “But it’s going to be great. We’ve painted the room, and we’re just awaiting the equipment now to put it in place.”

Across the bleachers in COYC’s upstairs wing, the Saints will also provide the office areas with laptops and other equipment to create a media room where people will be able to get work done and/or relax from the stresses of their day.

Across the way, the facility’s boxing gym will also be completely redone, including a new floor and an enhanced slate of punching bags and other boxing equipment.

“Our current boxing gym is in horrible shape,” Boudreaux said. “This will pump some much-needed life into that area, and that’s something we’re glad for because we love our boxing program.”

The endeavor will also give COYC a new basketball scoreboard, as well as a new floor for the facility’s dance room.

In total, the brunt of the work is expected to be completed in the coming weeks in advance of the showcase on May 28.

Boudreaux said the work is part of a continued effort at COYC to provide the latest and best in activities for people in our community.

COYC currently has boxing, dancing, basketball, swimming, fencing and volleyball, among many other community activities and festivals.

“We have so much going on,” Boudreaux said. “We want to make sure that everyone can find something that they can enjoy here. That’s the goal – to service as many people as possible.”