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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

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Councilmen debate entrance of Syrian refugees

Councilmen debate entrance of Syrian refugees

The acts of terrorism which recently occurred in Paris, killing 129 people and wounding more than 300, have caused parish government officials to debate the entrance of Syrian refugees into our region.

A resolution proposed by Parish Councilman Jerry Lafont at Tuesday’s Council public meeting, requesting President Obama and the U.S. Congress “not to allow Syrian refugees in the state of Louisiana or any other state within the United States”, resulted in questions by several councilmen.

Lafont said the reason he proposed the measure is the country is not doing enough yet to assure Americans that all Syrian refugees seeking asylum in the U.S. have been cleared of any possibility of doing harm to us.
“We need to come up with a stronger system (screening of refugees) before we let them in,” said Lafont.

He also said that we should do more for homeless veterans before we house and feed refugees.

Unrest in Syria and other Middle Eastern countries is causing the migration of thousands into the United States. According to the Obama administration, many more are expected next year.

Islamic terrorists have promised that they will infiltrate these refugees with their own cells and individuals to do harm to Americans.

But some councilmen were opposed to the resolution.

Joe Fertitta noted that, “All of our grandparents and great-grandparents were immigrants. On the Statue of Liberty it doesn't say just come in if you're Christian.”

He called refusing to let them into this country “un-Christian”.

Aaron Caillouet said the resolution was “way above our pay grade” and “a waste of time”.

Although the resolution of itself is only the governing body’s “collective opinion”, the debate of letting Syrians into the country and the state evinces the mood of many Americans when it comes to the possibility of terrorism coming into our lives.

The vote on the resolution was 6-3, with Jones, Fertitta, and Caillouet dissenting.