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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

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Councilman attempts to clarify “facts” about Leeville

Councilman attempts to clarify “facts” about Leeville

I am writing this letter in response to Janet Rhodus’ Letter to the Editor in the Lafourche Gazette on December 18, 2016.

I will address all of her letter with facts not promises. Rhodus is not a registered voter of Lafourche. She claims she is a taxpayer. She is right, after getting a copy of her taxes through public record request, she pays $249.10 on her house below Golden Meadow. The reason is that State Law requires you $75,000 homestead exemption only for one dwelling. She has a house in Baton Rouge.

She claims I have been in office for 30 years, (try 34 years), and that I let Leeville wash away. Ms. Rhodus doesn’t even know the boundaries of Leeville. I’m assuming only Leeville is washing away?

The first thing I was able to do when elected in 1983 was put Leeville on the map and gave them regular trash pickups. I also worked with the Leeville Ladies Auxiliary, which at the time had about 20 hardworking ladies. Most of them are deceased today. Together we were able to get a place for the senior citizens and also get a playground park built.

They had many Christmas parties and dinners at this location, which was off LA 1, across from the Texaco Field Office. As you know, we lost the Senior Citizens’ trailer and park due to a hurricane. We also have a fire station in Leeville that she was not aware of. This station was damaged by Hurricane Katrina and stayed idle, but was repaired and now has two pumpers at the station.

That’s what you get when you don’t know boundaries. I’m proud to say that we have a station at Fourchon and Leeville, thanks to Fire District #3 and taxpayers. They do an excellent job.

Ms. Rhodus says I built the Lafourche Parish Public Boat Launch. I never said that. I am a leader, not a doer. The boat launch was built with $500,000 from Wallop Breaux Fund; $450,000 from Lafourche Parish Council; $250,000 from the Greater Lafourche Port Commission; and $0 from Launch Leeville 501c (3) non-profit.

If you go to her blog on Launch Leeville, she tries to make people believe she got the boat launch built.

Also, we had money from Senator Chabert, $500,000, to build a handicapped fishing pier and pavilion. Charlotte Randolph, our previous Parish President, did not act on this and, due to budget crunches with the new governor, we went from $500,000 to $300,000 to $100,000 to $0.

I went looking for the money and the Lafourche Parish Government put up $166,000; the Greater Lafourche Port Commission put up $166,000; and the Tourist Commission put up $42,000. I had to go back to the Lafourche Parish Council and get another $100,000. We are now within budget and you shall see construction soon.

Where was Rhodus and Launch Leeville’s money?

She also says she received a project from CWPPRA for $45 million. I thank you Ms. Rhodus. There were 10 projects nominated, so they put Rhodus’ project but it never made it to first base. It will probably never happen.

Instead of being happy with the First International Kayak Hobie 6 Fishing Rodeo, she was very negative. They had 16 countries that participated in this rodeo and the reason she was not happy, she could not get them to locate where she wanted them to be, Leeville. She was disappointed that they did not take her advice.

She also put down the Tourist Commission claiming they could not do anything right.

For the first ever fishing rodeo held at the public launch, I thought they did the best they could. She also claims I did nothing to clean up the area. Well I did not clean up the area. The prisoners did, through the help of Sheriff Webre, and the Region D Barn, through the help of Jimmy Cantrelle. I also stayed in touch with Jerome Danos to get the garbage picked up daily. Where were you Janet?

Rhodus also claimed she wrote up a bill to form the Leeville Commission. Well this is a five-member board put together by Sen. Chabert and Rep. Gisclair. Rhodus was appointed to the board by the Lt. Governor and she resigned at their first meeting.

In closing, I would like to offer Ms. Rhodus that I will pay her property taxes if she moves out of District 9.

I also wrote this letter and the one before.

Daniel Lorraine

Lafourche Parish Councilman 

District 9