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Sunday, June 16, 2019

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Council shoots down Lorraine’s measures

Council shoots down Lorraine’s measures

District 9 Councilman Daniel Lorraine was again the victim of a lack of support as fellow council members failed to support his measures.

Opposition from council members at a November 2017 meeting at which Lorraine tried unsuccessfully to pass two ordinances carried over into last Tuesday’s Parish Council public meeting when two more of his ordinances were each shot down for lack of a “second”.

In one of the November ordinances Lorraine attempted to request traffic calming devices (speed bumps) to be installed on West 202nd Street in Galliano.

The vote was 4-5 with Council members Jerry Jones, Luci Sposito, Cory Perrillioux, Bo Melvin, and Jerry Lafont voting “nay”.

In the other ordinance, he tried to restrict cast netting, pets and the maximum number of rod/reels allowed per person on the new Leeville Fishing Pier.

His motion failed 2-7 with only himself and James Bourgeois in favor.

Lorraine’s lack of Council support carried over into Tuesday’s meeting when he sponsored two measures dealing with a proposed turning lane at the intersection of Hwy. 308 and the Airport Access Road in Galliano.

One ordinance would have approved an agreement between the Greater Lafourche Port Commission and the Parish Council for the Port to grant servitude for construction of a turning lane on the Airport Road at Hwy. 308.

The other ordinance would have created a similar agreement between the Parish and the Lafourche Parish Water District which also owns property along the Airport Corridor.

Both ordinances failed for lack of any Council member seconding the motion to consider the ordinance. Without a “second” the ordinances failed. Absent from the meeting were Melvin and Bourgeois.

Lorraine noted the apparent “battle line” which most other Council members have drawn between themselves and anything Lorraine sponsors.

“This is all grant money. But if ya’ll are just going to shoot down whatever I want … it’s terrible. This (the ordinances) is negotiating with the Port for grant money and ya’ll are going to shoot it down? Come on gentlemen (and Miss),” said Lorraine.

Jerry Lafont responded that he had spoken to Chett Chiasson about the ordinances.

“It’s the way it’s written, Daniel. I spoke to the Port, to Chet today about it, and he’s in agreement. Never has this council ever done a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement by ordinance which is law. It’s always been done by resolution,” said Lafont,

Lorraine said he would not bring the two proposals back up as resolutions and that if Lafont was against them, he could inform the Port that they had failed.

“I am not against them as an ordinance. It needs to be a resolution,” Lafont repeated.