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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

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Council rejects Parish President’s pick for parish administrator

Council rejects Parish President’s pick for parish administrator

Lockport native Earnest Boudreaux became the latest failed nominee by Parish President Jimmy Cantrelle to fill the number two position in Lafourche Government, that of Parish Administrator.

Boudreaux would have been the fifth in a line of ratified or potential Administrators, none of which has lasted more than months in the position.

Don Matherne came in at the beginning of Cantrelle’s term in 2016. He lasted less than a year.

Reggie Bagala was the next to take on the role, but he ran afoul of the Parish President and was fired by Cantrelle.

Leif Haas was then ratified, but he suddenly resigned after only five months.

Rodney Doucet and now Boudreaux were voted down by the Council.

Only Councilmen Daniel Lorraine and James Bourgeois favored the resolution to appoint Boudreaux -- the other seven members voted “nay”.

Lorraine said he felt it is past time for a permanent Administrator to be chosen, citing the fact that there are only 17 months left in Cantrelle’s term of office.

“The problem is we have people working in this administration with no political experience. Mr. Boudreaux might not be the most educated man, but he has political experience. He was a chief of police, and he has connections in Baton Rouge,” said Lorraine.

Jerry Lafont said that he couldn’t support Boudreaux because he didn’t attend the July 10 Council meeting.

“I can’t vote for somebody who doesn’t even show up for his own interview,” said Lafont.

When asked why he nominated Boudreaux, Cantrelle had little to say of his nominee.

“I put up somebody else for ya’ll to vote for. It’s yawl’s decision, not mine. I think he would make a decent administrator.”

After the vote, Jerry Jones proposed a unanimous agenda motion from the floor to evaluate the need for the interim parish administrator, Tommy Lasseigne.

“We keep taking up this matter over and over … it’s a joke, a smoke screen. I know it requires a unanimous vote, but I ask you to consider the motion,” said Jones

James Bourgeois voted “nay”; therefore, the motion failed to be considered.

Later in the meeting Mike Gros showed frustration at the lack of a true Administrator in the parish.

“In my own personal job, I’ve never hired anybody because I felt they were ‘a decent person. I’m sure people aren’t lining up with applications, but the people of this parish deserve a solid administrator. Don’t bring us bankers for recreation and ex-police chiefs for other appointments. Lets quit trying to put square pegs in round holes,” said Gros.

By the Home Rule Charter, Cantrelle has 60 days to again nominate someone for Administrator.

Lasseigne continues to fill the role in the interim.