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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

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Constitutional amendments meet varied fate

Constitutional amendments meet varied fate

Voters went to the polls Tuesday and voted on 14 proposed amendments to the state’s already cluttered state Constitution. The proposals meant with various fates, with six proposals passing and eight failing.

Proposed amendment number one, dealing with the Medical Assistance Trust Fund, passed by a margin 776,900 or 56.1 percent for and 606,475 votes, or 43.8 percent against.

Proposed amendment number two, dealing with the Hospital Stabilization Fund, also passed by a margin of 770,602 votes, or 56.2 percent for and 600,390 or 43.7 percent against.

The first proposed amendment to fail was number three on the ballot. This one, dealing with sales of property with delinquent taxes, went down by a margin of 64.2 percent opposed to only 35.7 percent for the measure.

Proposal amendment number four, which deals with a proposed State Transportation Infrastructure Bank, also failed. No votes on the measure were 894,105 or 67.5 percent to 430,027 or 32.4 percent for the measure.

Proposal number five, which would have eliminated the mandatory retirement age of judges, also failed. The measure went down to defeat by a margin of 58.1 percent opposed and 41.8 percent voting yes.

A higher millage cap for police and fire protection in Orleans Parish was the proposal facing voters in proposed amendment six. It passed by a measure of 51.1 percent for to 48.8 percent opposed.

Property tax exemptions for certain disabled veterans were the issue in proposed amendment number seven. The measure passed easily with 74.3 percent voting yes and 25.6 percent voting no.

The creation of an Artificial Reef Development Fund was the issue facing voters in proposal number eight. The measure passed by a margin of 57.1 percent for and 42.8 percent opposed.

Proposed amendment number nine dealt with tax exemption reporting for permanently disabled residents. The measure failed with 701,490 votes, or 53.1 percent voting no and 619,467 votes, or 46.9 percent, voting yes.

The tax sale of vacant, blighted or abandoned property was the issue facing voters in proposed amendment ten. The measure passed by a margin of 712,839 votes, or 54.2 percent for to 600,865 votes, or 45.7 percent opposed.

Proposed amendment eleven, which would have increased the number of state government departments from 20 to 21, creating a Department of Elderly Affairs, failed by a margin of 70.1 percent opposed to 29.8 percent voting yes.

Proposed amendment number 12 would have altered the membership of the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission. The measure failed by a margin of 770,743, or 58.8 percent voting no to 538,476 votes, or 41.1 percent voting yes.

Orleans Parish Lower Ninth Ward vacant property was the issue of proposed amendment number 13. The measure failed by a margin of 59.4 percent opposed to 40.5 percent for.

Proposed amendment number 14 dealt with tax rebates, incentives and abatements. The measure failed by a margin of 58.5 percent opposed and 41.4 percent for.