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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

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Chouest sentenced to life

Chouest sentenced to life

On Monday, May 23, Judge John E. LeBlanc sentenced Robert Chouest to life in prison without benefit of probation, parole, or suspension of sentence for the second-degree murder of Shawn Galjour.

Shawn’s father, Alton Galjour prepared a statement that was read to the judge by prosecuting attorney Heather M. Hendrix. He wrote, “Because of Robert Chouest, I am now painfully aware that there is violence and evil in this world. In my eyes there will never be true justice for Shawn, but I am eternally grateful for the peace that is being brought to me and my family by this court here today.”

When asked if he had a statement to make to the court or the family of the victim, Chouest had none.
Heather M. Hendrix stated, “The Galjour family has endured the senseless murder of Shawn and two trials to get to today. We hope that the Galjours can begin their journey to heal now that the defendant has been sentenced. Justice was done today. Let us not forget Shawn and the Galjour family in our reflections today and everyday.”

The jury forewoman in the first trial had said in court last year that the majority had voted guilty. Chouest later waived his right to a jury trial, meaning LeBlanc was to determine his fate.

Judge LeBlanc found Chouest guilty Jan. 29 for shooting Galjour, 41, of Larose, in the early morning of May 22, 2013.

Galjour had been lying in Chouest's grandparents' driveway near the defendant's home on ABC Lane.

Chouest testified during his trial that he'd been up for three days and consumed crystal methamphetamine, five rocks of crack cocaine, about six beers and several pain pills. He said he told his grandfather right after the shooting that he thought he'd shot an alligator.

Galjour's father also testified during the trial that his son was known to walk the streets after drinking.

Toxicology tests showed the victim's blood-alcohol concentration was .140.