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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

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Bayou Pirate to appear on History Channel

Bayou Pirate to appear on History Channel

Treasure Quests’ on the Bayou

There are books written about treasure hunting such as, Treasure Island, Dead Man’s Treasure and Treasure of the Sea.

Now there is a new kid on the block with a few treasure stories of his own. Andre Brunet, a resident of Galliano and so-called bayou pirate, is on a quest of a different kind of silver and gold with seeking valuables in the form of history.

Andre will appear on History Channel’s season two it’s final episode of, The Return of Shelby the Swamp Man, on Thursday, Nov. 1st at 9 p.m. The documentary is featured on channel 45 on local cable and on channel 269 on Direct TV.

In 2015, while Andre was at work, a producer for the History Channel came into his workplace. They were looking to film a show locally, but it didn’t work out.

Andre then explained to the producer that he is ‘sort of a bayou pirate’ searching for items of history and has several compelling finds. He explained that he has a You-tube channel linked through his Facebook account and if interested he could view some of his videos that he posted on his page.

That conversation led to 2018 when Andre was contacted by the same producer to see if he was interested in filming a documentary on the History Channel.

“As a child, I was spell-bound watching Indiana Jones movies and I thought that I could be an adventurer on escapades like him. The mysteries of finding worthy treasure were frequented thoughts for sure. I told my mother that I wanted to be a treasure hunter. I was curious about it and I thought it would be a fun and exciting thing to do. I received my first metal detector for Christmas when I was 10 years old. My parents collected antiques and coins. I guess that is what got me interested and eventually hooked! Since my childhood the metal detectors have become more accurate in finds and I can basically see what is hidden beneath the dirt before I dig it up! They are definitely more lighter in weight,” said Andre.

Now age 33, Andre is in his 23rd year of trudging the earth, sweeping his trusty metal detector across boundaries of land pumped up with anticipation and overwhelmed with the desire to discover hidden riches of history.

From walking the sands of Grand Isle, where he found a silver ring, to the cascading hills in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, where he unearthed a 1940’s milk bottle.

Other finds were everywhere in-between such as worthless pieces of bluish colored pottery to once flickered glass marbles some kid lost during a challenged game on the school ground. Maybe those weren’t the priceless trinkets or rare gems anyone would want to find, but there are a few pieces in his collections which detail a setting about its background on their own.

What treasures does he have? Artifacts from a bygone era.

In Thibodaux, there once stood the historic Acadia Plantation, which served as home to frontiersmen and Alamo hero, Jim Bowie. There is a vast history behind the plantation anywhere from slave purchases to a union camp staying on its grounds between the years 1861-1865.

During the Civil War, federal troop officers lived inside it. It was called Camp Stevens during the Union occupation. It had several owners throughout the many years and eventually it was demolished in 2010.

Over the years, Andre has uncovered some fascinating items anywhere from a drawing compass to Civil War buttons - 2 of them being from Connecticut, along with many small pistol bullets, large caliber 3 ringers all powder musket and even a Spanish real coin from 1804.

These items were validated to be genuine relics of history. He inquired of their authenticity with college professors, teachers and performing thorough researches on the website of Civil War Unearthed.

He has also taken pieces to the Lockport Cultural Museum for their opinion on their origin.

Andre agrees that they are unique finds, but it is yet to be determined if they are the most outdated ones. Maybe someday he will come across that buried treasure all pirates seek. Until then his search for that one exclusive remnant continues!