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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

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Awareness this Mardi Gras season and beyond may be life saving

Awareness this Mardi Gras season and beyond may be life saving

My name is Danny Boy Bourg. I was once one of the wildest drivers in our parish.

In 2008, April Fools Day, I hurt someone reaching for my phone. That day has haunted me since, but I still didn't quite get the message. It took losing everything to find myself walking the shoulder to put more in perspective the lesson God was teaching me.

Humility was a hard lesson, but I started to see the dangers on our highways and my own carelessness in driving by watching others. I realized I once was relaxed behind the wheel, when if my focus was the road, I would have never taken my attention off of it.

It isn't our fault if we don't know, right?

I understand the concept of an accident, because it isn't a planned event so to speak, but if we can be more focused behind the wheel, we can prevent more pain in our lives that we may cause to others.

I for one am aware. I had to watch someone bleed from a quick reaction to grab a ringing phone.

I often think of the whole family I hurt, and I still cry, because I never got to apologize.

Please people, pay more attention behind the wheel, drunk driving, eating and driving, cell phone activity, putting on make-up and driving, doing drugs while driving, these are all activities that take our focus off the road. One second can mean the cost of a life.

Please let's not let our carelessness bring heartbreak. Since 9-11 we, as a nation, have killed over 700,000 people in automobile crashes. This number is staggering, it takes us as a nation to bring it down. We can.

One of the things I have found that doesn't help is the debris I find on the highway shoulders and roads, mainly at the head of streets, intersections, store fronts, and by mailboxes, normally the area of the trash cans. I would give an honest estimate and say that I have well picked up over 1,000 pounds of metal objects.

My local State Police Department informed me upon investigation that a nail and a screw has been the determining facture that has cause death. With all I have seen my question is which one? That is why I pick them up.

I have had my local Sheriff's Office deputies look over the pile I accumulated and they proceeded to point out numerous items that have been the cause of an accident in some kind of way.

Being this is Mardi Gras season, and in our areas of the south, we tend to frequent the shoulders with parking. Keep an open eye in front and behind your vehicle, at least it can save you the cost of a tire, maybe more.

In the three years that I have been consistent with cleaning my roads I have heard some stories and have been asked to feel metal plates in shins, and skulls. I’d rather prevent these things from happening then have friends that can't pass through a metal detector without being noticed.

Please listen with your heart. I have a strong passion for all the highways for us to be more careful drivers. I love my bayou, I love my country, and I would love for our world to stop hurting each other, and we can start here at home.

I used to work at a shipyard in Larose and the owner made buttons to be passed out to try and spark motivation to the workers … a very simple message that I still carry inside of me … I CARE.

Danny Bourg

Golden Meadow, LA