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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

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As a community, we need to do more to control the pet population

As a community, we need to do more to control the pet population

A growing concern throughout the parishes is an overwhelming, unwanted pet population.

I believe the rescue groups are going above and beyond their duties. They are a group of hard working passionate people; but the problem is overwhelming. It is becoming a run-a-way train that needs to be stopped.

In my opinion we should get all veterinarians throughout Terrebonne and Lafourche Parish together for a meeting and come up with a plan on how we could do this.

Making a schedule 2 days out of the month we could call it "urgent care days". It would require a low cost between $50 or $60 to fix all cats and dogs {female only}.

I know this would be a huge sacrifice from the vets but I think it would help.  I also think we could ask for donations to help out with this cause.

I think it would be affordable for most and we could get this problem under control faster. We can't keep up with the unwanted population growth. We are spinning our wheels and going nowhere.

Healthy unwanted animals are being senselessly slaughtered faster than we can find homes for them. I also think we should clip the animals ears to have a visual sign, so that these animal don't get picked up by animal control again and again.

Please do not abandon your animals; this spreads disease, flea and tick infestations. Remember to spay and neuter your pets to help stop this growing problem!

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We do appreciate your comments.

Pamela George

Cut Off

The Humane Society of LA Lafourche Chapter