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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

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Anglers fill board at 71st annual Golden Meadow/Fourchon Tarpon Rodeo

Anglers fill board at 71st annual Golden Meadow/Fourchon Tarpon Rodeo

PORT FOURCHON -- Good weather, great fishing and four tarpons were the big stories at the 71st annual Golden Meadow/Fourchon Tarpon Rodeo, which concluded Saturday at Moran’s Marina.

Simone Robichaux of Larose brought in the biggest tarpon at 149 pounds, 3 ounces and three others were brought to the scales.

A number of anglers praised the weather, saying the lack of squalls led to flat seas and an abundance of fish.

“It’s going great,” rodeo president Eddie Callais said. “You couldn’t ask for better weather than we had. The turnout has been great, and we’ve had lots of fish coming in. On day one, we had four tarpons come in. Nice tarpons. It’s always exciting to have tarpons come in.”

“The fishing has been great this year,” Henry Noto of Baton Rouge said. “We were off Timbalier (Island), and we caught some red snapper and some big old mangrove snapper.”

Spearfishing was also very strong.

“We were out of Cocodrie,” Danny Jackson of the spearfishing club the Rigulators said. “We caught our limit of red snappers, some barracuda and a few lemon fish. The fishing was great.”

The Rigulators won the Outstanding Spearfishing Club, and Rigulater James Halk won King Spearfisherman.

Other category winners included Pete Landgrave of Lafayette, who won the award in the Big Game category, and Simone Robichaux of Larose, who took top honors in the Shoreline Division.

Ryan Bagala of Larose took the Inside Division, and Kaylon Johnson of Thibodaux took the prize in the Kayak Division.

In the Children’s Division, Kooper Worley of Cut Off was the outstanding boy fisherman and Bailey Ledet of Larose led the girls.

The 2019 Rodeo Admiral Dr. Lee “Bo” Grafton was busy as well, placing in several categories and praised local fishing.

“South Louisiana has the best fishing in the world,” Grafton said. “I took a fishing trip to Cabo recently. We paid $3000, and we caught exactly two fish. You can’t beat down here for fishing.”

Longtime weighmaster Marty Bourgeois said the rodeo was a success.

“We had a great turnout, and some good competition in a lot of species,” Bourgeois said. “Bull reds and redfish stringers were very competitive. We had lots of bonitos and Jack Cravells. We filled the board up, except for big game tag and release, which was kind of surprising. But it was a good rodeo. We were non-stop the first day, and the second day we had a lot of runs. Spearfishing was really good.”

Here are the final results:


Dolphin: 1, Chad Breckenridge, Sabine, Tx, 43-0; 2, Hayden Callais, Galliano, 32-0; 3, Savanah Fremin, Thibodaux, 28-0.

Black fin tuna: 1, Garrett Urey, Austin Tx, 24-4; 2, Tate Somes, Austin, 23-1; 3, Tate Somes, 22-8.

Swordfish: 1, Joseph Ockmond, Vacherie, 85-5; 2, Mike Melancon, Cut Off, 65-5; 3, Mike Melancon, 53-10.

Yellowfin tuna: 1, Jonathan Yu, Alabama, 56-5; 2, Maui Trevino, Austin, Tx, 48-10; 3, Will Ivey, Alabama, 45-1.

Wahoo: 1, Pete Landgrave, Lafayette, 67-2; 2, Pete Landgrave, 34-0; 3, Hunter Andras, Choupic, 20-2.

Tag and release: No entries.

Outstanding Big Game Fisherman: Pete Landgrave, 5 points.


Tarpon: 1, Simone Robichaux, Larose, 149-3; 2, Roman Robichaux, Larose, 130-13; 3, John Cheramie, Grand Isle, 73-0.

Bonito: 1, Christina Robinson, Central, 17-1; 2, Koby Bruce, Galliano, 14-14; 3, Bo Grafton, Thibodaux, 14-13.

Cobia: 1, Ren Cheramie, Cut Off, 81-5; 2, Joseph Ockmond, Vacherie 51-5; 3, Mike Melancon, Cut Off, 24-0.

Grouper: 1, Ren Cheramie, Cut Off, 81-5; 2, Joseph Ockmond, Vacherie, 51-5; 3, Mike Melancon, Cut Off, 24-0.

Jack Cravelle: 1, Ava Plaisance, Cut Off, 31-3; 2, Beau Blanchard, Luling, 29-14; 3, Brock Danos, Cut Off, 28-10.

King Mackerel: 1, Stephanie Chenier, Baton Rouge, 49-0; 2, Spookie Chenier, Baton Rouge, 26-5.

Spanish Mackerel: 1, Ginger Curole, Cut Off, 6-0; 2, Bo Grafton, Thibodaux, 3-7; 3, Kevin Terrebonne Sr., Cut Off, 3-1.

Mangrove snapper: 1, Britton Comeaux, Larose, 11-5; 2, Brett Orgeron, Cut Off, 10-13; 3, Erik Valenciano, Baton Rouge, 10-2.

Red Snapper: 1, Monica Gisclair, Cut Off, 19-7; 2, Hunter Andras, Choupic, 17-13; 2, Joseph Ockmond, Vacherie, 16-14.

Outstanding Shoreline Division Fisherman: Simone Robichaux, 3 points (tie breaker by total weight).


Drum: 1, Benji Toups, Cut Off, 34-0; 2, Lloyd Pickering, Baton Rouge, 33-12; 3, Ritchie Toups, Raceland, 32-8.

Flounder: 1, Kevin Terrebonne Jr., 2-4; 2, Eddie Callais, Cut Galliano, 2-2; 3, Ryan Bagala, Cut Off, 1-12.

Gafftopsail catfish: 1, Ali Plaisance, Cut Off, 7-4; 2, Eddie Callais, Galliano, 6-12; 3, Lauren Plaisance, Cut Off, 6-6.

Bull redfish: 1, Marty Plaisance, Cut Off, 37-14; 2, Kevin Terrebonne Jr., Golden Meadow, 37-8; 3, Coleen Carmadelle, Paradis, 35-7.

Rat redfish: 1, Ryan Bagala, Cut Off, 8-6; 2, Ryan Bagala, Cut Off, 36-0; 3, Barry Bourgeois, Cut Off, 35-10.

Redfish stringer: 1, Gary Bruce, Cut Off, 36-6; 2, Ryan Bagala, Cut Off, 36-0; 3, Barry Bourgeois, Cut Off, 35-10.

Sheepshead: 1, Chad Hebert, Raceland, 5-13; 2, Matt DuBois, Larose, 5-10; 3, Daryl Corass, Metairie, 5-6.

Speckled trout: 1, Pat Barker, Lockport, 3-13; 2, Pat Barker, 3-4; 3, Steve Wanko, Raceland, 3-1.

Outstanding Inside Division Fisherman: Ryan Bagala, 7 points.


Barracuda: 1, Trey Patterson, Rigulators, 36-10; 2, James Halk, Rigulators, 31-11; 3, Danny Jackson, Rigulators, 29-5.

Cobia: 1, Stephen Sherman, Rigulators, 46-4; 2, Kaleb McCollough, Hell Divers, 40-12; 3, Kaleb McCollough, Hell Divers, 39-13.

Grouper: 1, Danny Jackson, Rigulators, 21-14; 2, Stephen Sherman, Rigulators, 19-15; 3, Chase Donaldson, Git ’em, 17-1.

Jack Cravelle: 1, James Halk, Rigulators, 27-6; 2, Chase Donaldson, Git ’em, 26-3; 3, Travis Woodward, Git ’em, 24-14.

Sheepshead: 1, Abbie Woodward, Git ’em, 5-6; 2, Chase Donaldson, Git ’em, 5-6; 3, Troy Donaldson, Git ’em, 5-4.

Mangrove snapper: 1, Abbie Woodward, Git ’em, 9-12; 2, James Halk, Rigulators, 9-7; 3, Danny Jackson, Rigulators, 9-0.

Red Snapper: 1, Troy Patterson, Rigulators, 19-12; 2, Brandon McGehee, Rigulators, 19-12; 3, Troy Donaldson, Git’ em, 19-11.

King Spearfisherman: Kevin Halk, Rigulators, 7 points.

Outstanding Spearfishing Club: Rigulators, 24 points.


Cajun Slam: 1, Jacob Shrell, Shreveport, 6-3; 2, Trey Wanko, Raceland, 5-1.

Rat Redfish: 1, Kalon Johnson, Thibodaux, 7-2; 2, Johnson, 7-0; 3, Johnson, 6-7.

Speckled trout: 1, Trey Wanko, Raceland, 2-11; 2, Wanko, 2-1; 3, Davie Breaux, Cut Off, 1-13.

Leopard redfish: 1, Kalon Johnson, Thibodaux, 2 spots.

Outstanding Kayak Division Fisherman: Kalon Johnson, Thibodaux, 9 points.


Sheepshead: 1, Coreysen Hebert, Raceland, 4-6; 2, Jake Bourgeois, Raceland, 4-6; 3, Coreyson Hebert, 4-4.

Speckled Trout: 1, Kooper Wortley, Cut Off, 3-0; 2, Blakely Cheramie, Larose, 3-0; 2, Bailey Ledet, 2-15.

Drum: 1, Bailey Ledet, Larose, 23-14; 2, Blakeley Cheramie, Larose, 23-5; 3, Jack Griffin, Cut Off, 23-4.

Gaffstopsail catfish: 1, Sophia Lefort, Cut Off, 6-4; 2, Briana Perez, Cut Off, 6-2; 3, Ava Plaisance, Cut Off, 6-1.

Rat redfish: 1, Kooper Worley, Cut Off, 8-0; 2, Micha Kieffer, Thibodaux, 7-11; 3, Madix Latiolais, Golden Meadow, 6-14.

Leopard redfish: 1, Jay Punch, Lockport, 3 spots; 2, Bailey Ledet, Larose, 2 spots.

Top boy angler: Kooper Worley, 6 points.

Top boy angler: Bailey Ledet, 5 points.