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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

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Beulah Camardelle and Clifton Detillier display the letters Beulah received from her husband during the war. Clifton helped write the letters for Beulah’s husband.

Everyday, The Broadway Elder Living and Rehabilitation residents gather around the dinner table to socialize while waiting for their supper to be served. It’s the perfect opportunity for residents to get to know each other a little better.

Last month, during a chance gathering, Mr. Clifton Detillier sat at a table as usual and began to share his military stories from when he first entered the draft. On this day, Clifton was seated at a table with Ms. Beulah Camardelle.

Clifton was drafted into the Army in 1942 to Camp Livingston, LA. Of the 122 men drafted, Mr. Clifton tells us, only 24 passed.

At this point, Beulah informed Clifton that her husband was one of the men drafted to the same place that year.

Mr. Clifton continued to tell stories about the soldiers, including those unable to read or write. He spoke of one soldier in particular who often cried.

Concerned, Clifton befriended this lonely soldier and learned that because he could not read or write, the soldier was very sad about his inability to communicate with his family.

Clifton kindly volunteered to write letters for him.

One of these letters was to the soldier’s girlfriend.

Hearing this story prompted Beulah to share stories about her own husband. She proceeded to recite what had been written in her letter from her soldier husband. Shockingly, Mr. Clifton was able to finish reciting what had been written in her letter. He was the soldier that had written the letter from her husband over 70 years ago!

Clifton still remembers what he had written just like it was yesterday. Beulah was so amazed, and began to cry. She informed Clifton that she still had the very first letter from her husband, as her son had it beautifully framed.

Mr. Clifton viewed the letter and confirmed that he did indeed write it. Both residents were delighted with this amazing discovery.

We salute Mr. Clifton Detillier every day for the sacrifices and dedication he gave to our country as a veteran. He is a true soldier indeed!