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Cantrelle elected parish president

Cantrelle elected parish president

Raceland businessman Jimmy Cantrelle defeated incumbent Charlotte Randolph for Lafourche Parish president. Cantrelle took 55 percent of the 22,285 votes cast, according to unofficial results.

Cantrelle won with 12,267 votes to Randolph’s 10,018 votes (45 percent). It was Cantrelle’s fourth attempt for the seat.

In Lafourche, 39.1 percent of 56,926 registered voters cast ballots.

Randolph, a Republican and the first woman parish president in Lafourche who has served in the office since 2004, was seeking an unprecedented fourth term.

Cantrelle, no party, led the Oct. 24 primary with 7,413 votes (33 percent) and Randolph followed with 7,270 votes (33 percent). But Randolph out raised Cantrelle 99-to-1 in campaign donations before the runoff, bringing in $118,450 in direct contributions, compared to $1,200 for Cantrelle.

Implementing a vigorous maintenance system for outfall canals and pump stations and reorganizing the permit department are Cantrelle's top two priorities.

In local council races, newcomer Corey Perrillioux defeated incumbent Lindel Toups for District 6, and Jerry Lafont was re-elected to District 8.

Perrillioux, a Raceland independent, won with 1,303 votes (52 percent). Toups, a Gheens independent, received 1,225 votes (48 percent).

Lafont, an independent from Cut Off, won with 1,288 votes (54 percent). Champagne, a Democrat, also from Cut Off, received 1,101 votes (46 percent).

South Lafourche voters in the Tenth Ward renewed a 3.34 mill tax for operations at Lady of the Sea hospital in Galliano.

The tax passed by a vote of 3,009 (69 percent) to 1333 (31 percent).

The tax costs a Tenth Ward resident with a $100,000 home $8.35 a year. It raises about $2.2 million annually and makes up 8 percent of the hospital’s budget and will be collected from 2016 to 2025.

Tenth Ward voters also renewed another 3.1 mil tax for Lafourche Ambulance Dist. 1, passing it by a vote of 2,972 (69 percent) to 1366 (31 percent).

The tax costs a resident with a $100,000 home $7.75 a year. It’s expected to bring in about $2 annually, about 56 percent of the district’s budget.

Voters in parts of central and south Lafourche renewed a 0.9 mill tax for drainage operations and maintenance.

Drainage District #1’s tax passed by a vote of 4,772 (71 percent) to 1,977 (29 percent). The owner of a $100,000 pays $2.25 a year towards the tax. It is expected to raise almost half a million annually.